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Non-absorbable monofilament, pseudomonofilament and uncoated suture made of polyamide

Supramid is a non-absorbable synthetic suture made of polyamide, available in two different structures depending on suture diameter:
Supramid pseudomonofilament consists of a core of polyamide 6.6 and a sheath of polyamide 6, ranging from USP 4/0 to 2.

Supramid monofilament is made of polyamide 6 with a range from USP 6/0 to 5/0.


Exceptional handling qualities due to combined benefits of monofilament and multifilament threads
Smooth uniform surface allowing effortless passage through tissue
Easy removal from skin
Low tissue reactivity

Sizes available USP 6/0 (metric 0.7 ) to USP 2 (metric 5)

Skin closure