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(poliglecaprone 25) Monofilament

Monofilament For smooth passage through tissue.
Synthetic For minimal tissue reaction.
Absorbable By hydrolysis. Essentially complete in 90 –120 days.

Tensile strength:
Post implantation     Approximate % original trength remaining
7 days                                   60% (violet) 50% (undyed)
14 days                                 30% (violet) 20% (undyed)
21 days                                 0% (undyed)
28 days                                0% (violet)

Color: Violet or undyed.

Range: 6-0 to 1 (USP). Supplied as needled sutures and ligatures.

Indications: MONOCRYL* sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation where an absorbable material is indicated. Typical areas of use include:

•Subcuticular sutures
•Small intestine anastomoses
•Urological anastomoses

Full details in the Instruction for Use included in every package.