PERMA-HAND Suture is a nonabsorbable, sterile, surgical suture composed of an organic protein called fibroin. This protein is derived from the domesticated species Bombyx mori (B. mori) of the family Bombycidae.

Silk for braided sutures is processed to remove the natural waxes and gums, coated with wax or silicone and is available undyed and dyed black.

PERMA-HAND Suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximating and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic, and neurological procedures.

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  • Silke 2-0 FSL, 75cm 679H

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  • Silke 3-0 FS-1, 45cm 684H

    Varenummer: 309641
  • Silke 3-0 FS-2, 45cm EH7345H

    Varenummer: 309643
  • Silke 3-0 V-7, 75cm K963G

    Varenummer: 309640
  • Silke 4-0 FS-2, 45cm EH7149G

    Varenummer: 309645
  • Silke 5-0 FS-2,45cm 682H

    Varenummer: 309644