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Non-absorbable monofilament and uncoated suture made of polyamide
The good tissue tolerability has been proven to be particularly favourable for skin closure and in ophthalmology.

Dafilon® is a non-absorbable synthetic monofilament suture made of polymers polyamide 6/6.6 (dyed blue), polyamide 6.6 (dyed black) or polyamide 6 (undyed). Dafilon® blue and Dafilon® undyed are indicated for the closure of superficial wounds and plastic surgery. Dafilon® black is used for microsurgical and ophthalmic purposes.
As with any nylon suture, though not absorbed, progressive hydrolysis of the suture may result in gradual loss of its tensile strength over time.


Flexible, easy to handle and tie
Smooth passage through tissue
Excellent histocompatibility
Good knot tensile strength
The knot sits very well


Sizes available USP 11/0 (0.1 metric) to USP 2 (5 metric)


Skin closure (intracutaneous, subcutaneous)
Plastic and reconstructive surgery
Ophthalmic surgery