Wellion BELUA Glukose+Ketosemåler

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Wellion BELUA Glukose+Ketosemåler

The meter for blood glucose and ketones – for dogs and cats

Safety and accuracy – these claims are met by the innovative WellionVet BELUA blood glucose and ketone measurement device.

The WellionVet BELUA device is specially developed for dogs and cats. Dedicated code chips are used for precise blood glucose and ketone measurement which can be easily and
quickly replaced.

The easy operation of the WellionVet BELUA device makes life easier with your diabetic pet. Big digits, easy readable numbers on the backlit screen and the illuminated
teststrip port also contribute to the convenience in use.

Used WellionVet BELUA teststrips can be easily and quickly removed by means of the eject button.

6 alarms can be set individually and will remind you to perform regular blood glucose tests bringing routine for your pet in diabetes therapy.

A successful diabetes therapy can be achieved by following the treatment plan of your pet, regular blood glucose monitoring and supervision by the veterinarian.

Specially calibrated for cats and dogs
Easy handling
Backlit display, illuminated teststrip port
  Measurement of blood glucose and ketones
Fresh capillary or venous blood
   Big, easy-to-read digits
Eject button
6 adjustable alarms




GLU cat Code Chip

GLU dog Code Chip
KET cat Code Chip

KET dog Code Chip
6 seconds testing time 8 seconds testing time
500 results in memory 100 results in memory
0,8 microliter blood 0,8 microliter blood

1000 tests battery life

2x CR 2032 batteries