Shor-Line Feline LS Exam Table, Blue-Line Top

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Shor-Line Feline LS Exam Table, Blue-Line Top – 903.4122.00

The low stress Feline LS Surgery/Exam Table creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere for feline exams. The large oval table has plenty of space to set the cat carrier down as well as your laptop or chart.


  • Stylish table has about 120 square inches of space for exams.
  • The top has an attractive, rounded design so no one is hitting sharp edges.
  • There are two table options:
    * The Blue-Line top has radiused corners and laminated polyurethane edging that holds up to a liter of fluid. It comes in Standard Blue, Jade, Taupe Gray or Black.
    * The T-Mold edge has polyurethane edge molding for a smooth, attractive finish.
  • The “X” base provides good room for both you and the pet parent to be close to the table, offering comfort.
  • The table jack smoothly adjusts the height from 29” to 41” H so each exam can be at the ideal height.
  • The table top is durable, chemical-resistant Stainless Steel that is easy to clean.
  • Shor-Line tables are designed for animal use only.


  • The top is oval-shaped and 30”W x 40”L..
  • The hydraulic table base has a jack that lifts the table from 29” to 41”H.
  • The based comes with adjustable leveling feet that helps keep the table level on stone or other uneven floors.
  • Lifting capacity is 100 lbs.
  • Product weight is 225 lbs.