petMAP g3 blodtrykksmåler

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petMAP g3 blodtrykksmåler

  • Portable, goes anywhere
  • Good Accuracy.  Sensitive to small signals produced by small animals
  • Improved artifact handling over other oscillometric devices
  • Species (cat/dog) and cuff site (forearm, tail, hind foot) specific for best accuracy/correlation to IAP
  • Durable cuffs.  12 sizes from 2.0 – 13.0cm
  • Faster readings…less stress for the patient


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Larger 5» (12.7 cm) display
  • Monitoring mode
  • Temperature (probe sold separately)


  • Proven petMAP technology with PPO (petMAP Proprietary Optimizations)
  • Display of systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure (MAP) along with heart rate
  • Easy to use «no menu» touch screen display
  • Real-time display of oscillometric «envelope»
  • Correlation to intra-arterial readings
  • Tabular display of readings and NSV in clinic 
  • Optional pole or table mount
  • A SD card slot allows to record all monitored and measured patient vital signs on a user supplied SD card