iM3 Veterinary DCT UNIT – Mobilt 3D tannrøntgen

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iM3’s DCT unit has been designed and engineered, both in terms of it’s hardware and software, to provide all the features veterinary practices have been hoping for. We considered the cost, needs and limitations our customers had previously been hindered by, when producing this innovative DCT all-in-one unit.


  • True 3D imaging for dentistry, extremities and exotics
  • The unit provides a scan and stitch feature for increased volume
  • High resolution – 0.1mm slice
  • CMOS provides a high level of visible soft tissue which you don’t usually get with CBCT
  • Scan time is approximately 27 seconds, and reconstruction time averages 1.5 minutes

This all-in-one unit, with it’s mounted high resolution screen means scanning, viewing and diagnosis is contained within the same system. Scan time is about 27 seconds and reconstruction on average takes 1.5 mins. The DCT is also able to produce 0.1mm slice thickness, which means it is on par with the most expensive CT system and superior than most CBCT’s. With the smaller width, the DCT can fit through a standard door, uses a household plug and can be used in a normal sized x-ray room.* We offer the option to customise both your table and your screen. The monitor can be ordered as a wall mounted unit and can be upgrade to a DICOM monitor if used externally. We offer various table sizes to accommodate exotic animals or extensions. Feel free to discuss your needs with us.


There are two versions of the user’s software, the standard software is free, and the Advanced Invivo 6 software, which you will find is both intuitive and user friendly, is being offered, for a limited period, FREE when you purchase your new iM3 DCT Unit. The Advanced software can create a 3D volume rendering, visualise cross-sections, investigate trace nerves, create TMJ workups, create versatile layouts for placement and assessment of implants, print and save images, analyse sinus and airways, create traditional panoramic and cephalometric images from volumetric reconstructions, share cases with colleagues and pet owners using Anatomage Cloud medical image sharing platform* and many more functions. Training will also be provided.



Rendering presets allow you to visualize unique anatomy not easily seen on standard x-rays, including the soft tissue profile and the airway canal.


The 3D panoramic replaces the need for a full mouth overview traditionally taken with 2D x-ray. By providing you with a full 3D model of the skull you are able to quickly identify root numbers, exposed furcations, resorbed roots, ankylosis and other pathology you may wish to examine further. It also provides an excellent visual aide when explaining dentition, pathology and treatments to your pet owners.


Build separate maxillary and mandibular arch splines, enabling the cross-sections to be viewed more effectively.


Inorder to stitch the volumes together we use a landmark base registration, then a volume registration. The software will automatically look at the voxhil value (3D pixel) and match up the scans so they align. You can toggle through to check accuracy of the imposition.


Improve your accuracy and visualize your treatment plan objective in 3D with the extensive implant library, to achieve parallel implant designs, volumetric sinus measurements, and intraoral scan registration. Creating custom 3D videos to share with colleagues when discussing the ideal treatment plan.


Examine both internal and external tooth structures. Accurate working length measurements can be performed, calculate route and endodontic fouling in either 2D or 3D view. Create and export sliced data, summary data, 3D airway model or graphs.


Construct and view an enhanced version of a panoramic radiograph, take measurements and utilize several image enhancement features.


Capture desired images from workups to store in the Gallery, then export your images to share with colleagues.


Using a single CBCT scan and a simple digital photograph, create impression-less study models that represent the true patient anatomy.


Customize your preferred layout to visualize multiple cross-sectional slices, quickly create 2D and 3D workups, and automatically segment the condyle and fossa in 3D. Superimpose two scans to analyze existing asymmetries and accurately measure TMJ treatment changes over time.


Superimpose a planning implant case with a post-op implant case to determine the accuracy of implant placement.


Airway visualization, easily trace and accurately measure properties of a patient’s airway and additional tools for data export and presentations. Ideal for brachycephalic dog breeds when discussing airway issues. with pet owners.


View orthogonal planes, create custom sections for 2d visualization, and make distance measurement within the cone beam computed tomographic volume (CBC TV) or within the airway.


  • Are involved in dental, exotic or/and extremity work
  • Do not have the space or budget to purchase a large full body CT scanner
  • Want to limit the scan to the mouth of their patient rather than the whole head to reduce dose
  • Has a need for a second CT for dentistry, exotics, too busy.
  • Specialists who require high resolution results
  • Want to offer dentistry, extremity, exotic work, and are interested in the capabilities of a true 3D over a virtual 3D

The DCT unit is a game changer for small and large practices, so here at iM3 we would like to offer the Advanced Software FREE, so you can have a great product for a great price. Contact iM3 or your local distributor for more details and to hear about our introductory offer and pricing.