iM3 TTMG – Table Top Mouth Gag (Rabbit/Rodent)

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iM3 TTMG – Table Top Mouth Gag (Rabbit/Rodent)

The TTMG was designed by iM3 with the help of specialists to hold the
anaesthetised rabbit or rodent in the best possible position for examination
and treatment of the oral cavity without assistance.

– Adjustable height stainless steel gags to suit any size rabbit or rodent
– Adjustable table height ensures the best viewing angle of the oral cavity
– Washable silicon pad under the patient reduces heat loss and is easy to clean
– The complete TTMG is easy to clean and autoclavable
– Quality components and innovative design for ease of use.

– Temperature controlled silicon heater pad further minimises body temperature loss.
  See T2100 below.
Supplied complete with low voltage power supply, with international approvals.

– LED Light for improved illumination of the oral cavity.
  See T2200 below.