Borrsett #3, high speed, HP Carbides

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Borrsett #3 highspeed, HP Carbides

Veterinary bur Set #3 (H.P. carbides) with aluminum autoclavable bur block. Long lasting high quality burs made in Germany. Use in special situations where an extra long shaft is required. (Length 44.5 mm). H.P.= handpiece; L= long head. Round: Cavitites. access holes. apicoectomies. trimmig. osteoplasty (reshaping of bone) and osteotomy (removal of bone). Inverted cone/pear: Creates an undercut for retention of filling materials. (Pears prevent potential fracture lines created by larger inverted cones). Fissure: Sectioning. crown reduction. odntoplasty (reshaping of tooth). osteotomy of root extraction. smoothing and preperation of cavitywalls. removing crown and acrylic splints. Water is required on bur to prevent thermal necrosis. Use with a low-speed handpiece.