petMAP™ family: More than 15 years of trusted clinical partnership with small animal veterinary professionals worldwide!

PetMAPg3™ continuously uses Dual Oscillation Channel Analysis during each determination. High and low gain channels are analyzed simultaneously BP measurement reliability and sensitivity are enhanced across the broadest range of patient sizes. Feature requires no user setting or adjustment.

PetMAPg3™ has PPO (petMAP Proprietary Optimization), allowing the user to specify the species (cat, dog) and measurement site (forearm, tail, hind foot).
PPO improves the correlation to IntraArterial Pressures (IAP), the patient’s true blood pressure.

PetMPg3™ calculates and automatically displays the NSV (Nominal Session Value) after each reading during a session.
NSV is a much more robust calculation than a simple average. NSV is most representative ot the patient BP during a session, and is typically the charted value.

PetMAPg3™ displays the cuff pressure and the oscillation amplitude during a determination.The user has the ability to visually assess the quality of each reading and to end the determination if appropriate. Severe motion artifact is visualized during the reading.

PetMAPg3™ can display the last ten readings as both a tabular list as well as a graphical chart; values are “aged” from the time of power-up.
Individual determinations are available for charting. The user can view the graph and easily see if the values are consistent and if the session can be terminated.

PetMAPg3™ is compact, handheld and battery operated.
Convenient for exam room use (hypertension screening), but also for trauma, anesthesia, procedures and even house calls.

PetMAPg3™ includes seven cuffs of various sizes from 2 to 5.5 cm.
The proper cuff size is critical to accurate BP measurement. PetMAP provides the broadest cuff size range available.


PetMAPg3™ provides systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure, and heart rate using a propriety new oscillometric technology for enhanced sensitivity, accuracy, and performance.

PetMAPg3™ is based on intra-arterial measurements.


  • Digital display of systolic, diastolic, MAP and heart rate
  • Real-time display of the oscillometric “envelope”
  • Tabular list of measurement session values
  • Graphical trend of session values
  • Real-time calculation and display of the NSV

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