Ny standard innen anestesi fra Mindray Animal care.

JFA er nå stolt av å kunne representere Mindray i Norge. Mindray er en av de største og en ledende global leverandør av medisinsk utstyr. De tilbyr avansert medisinsk utstyr og innovative løsninger tilpasset veterinært bruk til små og store dyreklinikker og hospital. Vi tror at sammen med Mindray vil vi kunne tilby utstyr og løsninger som vil kunne løfte sikkerheten og kvaliteten blant annet innen anestesi.  

Vi setter nå fokus på anestesimaskiner, pasientovervåkning og infusjonssystemer, men tilbyr også operasjons- og undersøkelseslamper, og endoskopi fra Mindray. Etter hvert som Mindray lanserer nye produkter vil vi sende ut informasjon og tilbud.    

Veta 3 / Veta 5
Redefining Animal Anesthesia Machine

  • Integrated design, creating a simple and comfortable operating space.
  • Ventilator integrated, no tubes exposed and lower leakage risk.
  • 8-inch capacitive touch screen, intuitive operation and efficient interaction.
  • Electronically driven by high-performance turbine, no drive gas needed.
  • Minimum tidal volume down to 5ml
  • Smart pre-set
  • Parameter settings automatically match weight
  • Backup ventilation
  • Backup apnea ventilation, avoids hypoventilation
  • Intelligent trigger, less respiratory resistance

WATO EX-65 Pro Vet
Veterinary Anesthesia Machine
Professional, vet-dedicated

15-inch Touchscreen with Intuitive UI
With a high resolution 15-inch capacitive touchscreen, users are able to view and adjust parameters as needed. The intuitive layout and simple flat-menu structure ensure all parameters are clearly displayedand only two steps are required to set the ventilation mode.

Precise Electronic Flow Meters
The digital gas mixer makes fresh gas flow settings easier and more precise. Virtual high- and low-flowmeters are shown separately, more accurately representing lower flow rates. Users can choose either total flow control mode or direct flow control mode out of different habits.

Comprehensive Modular Monitoring
Plug-and-Play Multi-Gas modules, with Artema gas monitoring technology, provide comprehensive breath-by-breath analysis of O2, CO2, N2O and autodetection of five anesthetic agents.

Anesthesia Workstation
Fully automatic inhalation anesthetic solution for Veterinary

Enhanced Safety
Employing the latest technologies the WATO EX-35Vet supports an extensive range of features and functionality, ensuring all anesthetic procedures for the animals are delivered safely, efficiently and effectively.

Precise Veterinary Ventilator
WATO EX-35Vet supports a full range of controlled and support modes of ventilation and with dynamic tidal volume compensation, tidal volume can be as low as 5ml.

Intelligence ventilation mode PCV-VG combines the advantages of volume control mode and pressure control mode, not only to ensure the accuracy of volume but also to avoid lung injury of animals.

uMEC12 Vet
Safety & Efficiency for Veterinary Monitoring

  • NIBP Specific algorithm for animal blood flow characteristics to measure quickly and accurately
  • SpO2 Advanced technologies for interference and weak perfusion
  • ECG The unique patented ECG algorithm and ECG Smart Lead ensure stable monitoring
  • Side-stream CO2 The particular sink design separates water effectively for both spontaneous and mechanical ventilation
  • pluralize accessories

Reliable And Durable

  • fan-free design, avoiding fur involvement
  • Fall- resistant and water-resistant
  • bent-resistant accessories

Efficient And Easy To use

  • 12.1 inch LCD, Multiple display configurations can be achieved with simple smartphone-like swipe gestures, large font interface, simple and clear
  • Pioneering storage box design makes accessory management more efficient