iM3 Evolution Range

Evolve into Advanced, Professional Veterinary Dentistry

High Quality Materials - Hand Made in Europe

iM3 is renowned for our long lasting dental units, with some units still working in practice that were first manufactured over 30 years ago by our founder in Australia. The new Evolution Range builds on this long lasting ethos creating dental units made for the rigors of working in the extreme environments of veterinary clinics worldwide.

All the Evolution Range dental units are hand built using materials that can withstand the everyday working in a busy veterinarian clinic. From the full aluminum frame and Panels, to the medical grade powder coating, stainless steel screw, to the corian dental top. iM3 build quality sets standards that others could only wish for. The Evolution Range sets the bench mark in usability and long life that is needed in every veterinary dental practice.

The evolution range is designed to grow with you as you walk the path of veterinary dentistry.

Using the iM3 Evolution Range base, you can build the dental unit that is needed today, with the knowledge that it can grow with you as you become more expert and need a bigger and better dental unit. At any point you can add micromotors, scalers and light cure units. You can move your unit from been a standalone unit to being a wall mount unit, to even attaching it to a dental table.

iM3 Advanced Veterinary Dental Unit

The iM3 Advanced dental unit is geared toward the more experienced practitioner.

Building upon the iM3 Evolve’s features and options, the Advanced unit comes as standard with iM3’s autoclavable suction. The Advanced unit also introduces the optional electric micromotor and screen.

iM3 recommends the Advanced for those ready to take their level of dental care forward, as well as for busy practices and hospitals performing daily dental work.

iM3 Professional Veterinary Dental Unit

The iM3 Professional dental unit sets the standard for true veterinary dental equipment.

The Professional unit is another step up in terms of functionality and versatility, combining the features of the Evolve and Advanced units with an optional curing light. This unit can be tailored to suit the needs of any veterinary dentist.

iM3 Evolve Veterinary Dental Unit

The iM3 Evolve dental unit is the perfect entry level for veterinary dentistry.

As standard, the Evolve comes with an LED high-speed handpiece, a lowspeed air handpiece, and a three-way syringe. A built-in piezo scaler is a popular optional extra, resulting in a complete unit for basic dentistry. The Evolve also has the option for low speed with water cooling, allowing the use of contra-angles with RA burs and polishing discs.

As the name suggests, this unit can evolve. As your practice develops into more advanced dental procedures, the Evolve dental unit can be upgraded with the features of the iM3 Advanced and iM3 Professional units.

Mounting options

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All units in the iM3 Evolution Range can be supplied as mobile carts (with or without in-built compressors), wall-mounted, or mounted on the iM3 Tara table for the ultimate dental working environment.