iM3 Borrsett low speed, HP, 44,5mm

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iM3 HP Bur Kit, 44,5mm

HP bur shanks are 44.5 mm long, providing the extra length needed for use in large companion or domestic animals and exotic animals.

HP burs are used in the low speed handpiece fitted with a 1:1 straight nose cone.

These large burs can drill through thick bone for surgical, orthopaedic and endodontic work.

2 x C9180 (#8 round) beginning holes for IM pins, smoothing bone and crown reduction
2 x D6110 (#557 straight cross cut fissure) cortical buccal bone flaps, cutting IM pins or other sterile surgical bone procedures. Can also be used to correct beak anormalities.
1 x D7870 (#39 inverted cone) the largest inverted cone – used to undercut thick dentin for some surgical procedures
1 x D7970 (#79-050 bud shaped) acrylic cutting bur for sectioning acrylic splints
2 x D7980 (#3 round) undercut access openings for surgical endodontics
2 x 7990 (703L crosscut & taper fissure ) the largest, longest bur of its type – use for sectioning very large teeth and boney surgical procedures