iM3 Borrsett high speed, FG, 19mm, Canine

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iM3 FG Bur Kit, 19mm, Canine

The canine bur kit comes with an assortment of FG burs 19mm long.

The selected burs meet the various requirements of a veterinary clinic and are used in the high speed handpiece.
The iM3 bur kits are autoclavable and have an illustration of the bur head and reorder code. Each kit comes with a card suggesting the use for various burs
in the kit.
iM3 offers a complete range of dental burs sold individually in packets of 5 burs.

The FG Bur kit consist of: 

2 x C9110 #4 round – create acces openings and remove dentin at pulpotomy sites; atomize roots
2 x C9140 #6 round – crown reduction in teeth with neck lession
1 x C9230 #35 inverted cone – undercut access opening for root canals or for restorations
1  x C7010 701L Long cross cut taper fissure – ideal for sectioning teeht
1 x D7800 #1158 round end cross cut fissure – a »finesse» bur for bone flaps and sectioning small teeth or odontoplastics
2 x D7810 702L. long cross cut taper fissure – ideal for sectioning large teeht
1 x D7820 #8861 safe-end- flame-shaped diamond – for sub-gingibal curettage (removes necrotic sulcus lining) can remove sub-gingival calculus for initial root planing