Borrsett #4 high speed FG Cutting Diamond

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Borrsett #4 highspeed

Veterinary bur Set #4 (F.G. Cutting diamonds) ith aluminum autoclavable bur block. Long lasting high quality burs made in Germany. This set is used for crown preparation. reshaping. occlusal reduction. access preparation. smoothing tooth structure and restoration materials. FG =friction grip; L=long head. Long round taper: Gross reduction and shaping for crown preps. odontoplasty (reshaping of tooth and post entry). Modified bevel cylinder: Gross reduction and reshaping for crown preps. odontoplasty. post entry. bevels. margins and shoulders. Needle: More detailed crown prep. interproximal reduction and odontoplasty. Round: Osteoplasty. odontoplasty. endo access. pulpotomies. cavitites. de-epithelializing and abrading tissue. Round end taper: Gross reduction. shaping and odontoplasty of small teeth. Used with a high speed handpiece.