Fastest D-Phyte strip

Applicable to
Goat, Birds / Poultry, Hedgehog, Cat, Dog, Guinea Pig, Horse, Rabbit, Mink, Reptile, Sheep, Pig, Cattle.

DERMATOPHYTOSIS – highly infectious skin disease with zoonotic potential Fast test for the qualitative antigen detection of veterinary relevant dermatophyte ssp. in pocket pets, pets and farm animals Fast aetiological diagnosticsIn case of clinical suspicion (spotted alopecia, usually without itching)Early initiation of therapy measures (zoonosis)

  • Simple and hygienic test procedure with skin scrape & hair with hair roots
  • Fast test interpretation within 5–30 minutes
  • Innovative test system and reliable detection
  • Sensitivity 100 % & Specifi city 100 %
  • Storage at room temperature (15–25 °C)
  • Long shelf life
  • Compact test box with 1, 5 or 10 tests

Dermatophytoses / ringworm belong to the most frequent infectious dermatoses in pocket pets, pets and farm animals, but also in humans (zoonosis). They are caused by dermatophytes, fi lamentous fungi using keratin (skin, hair, claws and horns) as carbon source. The clinically most relevant vet. species are Trichophyton (T. verrucosum), Nannizzia (N. gypsea [earlier Microsporum gypseum], N. persicolor [earlier Microsporum persicolor/ Epidermophyton persicolor / Trichophyton mentagrophytes]) and Microsporum (M. canis). Beside age and immunosuppression, familiar, breeding (especially persian cats) and keeping conditions (breeding, animal shelter, hunting dog, multiple species keeping), travelling, lactation (transmission of infection to puppies) as well as e. g. ectoparasite based diseases and debilitated animals play an important role in developing a ringworm disease. Warm and humid climate is an additional trigger. 

The FASTest® D-PHYTE Strip guarantees a rapid clarifi cation of the suspected clinical diagnosis and thus enables the veterinarian to quickly and reliably identify a dermatophytosis and initiate a specific therapy.

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