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Klinisk bruk av kryoterapi i veterinærpraksis –
alt fra skin tags til oftalmologi.


This 1-hour lunch time webinar is for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nursing staff, as well as people with an interest in use of Cryotherapy techniques within veterinary practice. To fit into people’s work-life balance, this lecture will begin at 12:00 on a weekday.

Cryotherapy has improved in technology and clinical knowledge over the last 15 years. Gaëlle Verspeelt will look at the safety and effectiveness of modern cryotherapy on companion animals – small, equine and exotic. This lecture will highlight the large clinical range of applications within veterinary practice, with benefits to young and old domestic and exotic animals not requi­ring anaesthesia for removal of lick granulomas, warts, soft tissues growths, distichiasis, epulis and much more.  At the end there will the opportunity for people to ask specific questions that may relate to their own experiences or further information required.

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