Altra undersøkelsesbord

With iM3 Altra we wanted to introduce the ultimate consult table for veterinary practices. Our beautiful new table is designed to look smart and professional, while maintaining all the practicality of iM3’s expanding range of veterinary specific tables. We want iM3 Altra to be part of a great consult experience for you, your clients and your patients.

Our top priorities with iM3 Altra are ergonomics, quality and patient comfort. We believe these attributes shine through the innovative design. The hand-crafted acrylic surface is smoothly shaped, with no sharp edges or hard corners.

The motorised scissor lift runs on a powerful, integrated battery giving you free movement of iM3 Altra all day long from a single charge. The large battery capacity, combined with the heavy duty hospital grade castors and convenient, comfortable handles give amazing mobility and flexibility to the table.

The Irish word ‘altra’ means ‘nurse’ and with the sleek design, steady manoeuvrability and smart functionality of iM3 Altra we want our table to be just as essential to you as the best veterinary nurses.

IM3 Altra can raise or lower through a wide height adjustment, ranging from as low as 35 cm off the floor, all the way up to 110 cm tall. To keep it practical and simple, we have 360o access to the foot control buttons.

The smooth surfaces make cleaning the table quick and easy, meaning your iM3 Altra will continue to look as good as new for many years to come, impressing your clients and adding to the professional environment of your consult room.

iM3 Altra is available in three different and attractive colours: a lovely soft blue; a pretty pink and a striking green.

iM3 Altra - Blå
iM3 Altra - Rosa
iM3 Altra - Grønn